Mobiles, tablets and smart watches will be banned in Dutch schools


Amsterdam, 5 July (Hindustan). Mobiles, tablets and smart watches will be banned in schools in the Netherlands. The Netherlands government has said that these electronic gadgets are becoming a hindrance in the studies of the students, so it has been decided to ban them.

It has been said by the Netherlands government that the use of mobile phones during studies has a harmful effect on children. The ill-effects of using gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and smart watches are increasingly coming to the fore. Due to these devices, students are less able to concentrate, which directly affects their performance. For this reason, mobile phones, smartwatches and tablets will not be allowed in schools from January 1, 2024. The government has given time till October to the parents and teachers to agree on this matter. The school authorities have been asked to seek consent from parents and teachers in this matter.

Dutch Education Minister Robert Dikgraaf told that this decision will bring a cultural change. Earlier in 2018, France banned mobile phones in primary and middle schools to prevent online bullying. Britain had also justified such a ban. Britain’s Education Minister said that the use of mobile phones is already banned in most schools.


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