Bihar: Gaya’s young man trapped in Premjal by chatting, kidnapped after calling Patna, four arrested including minor girl


Rishabh Kumar, an 18-year-old resident of Belaganj in Gaya district, has been rescued by the police from the kidnappers and four people have been arrested in this case. The youth has been recovered from Patna. Among the four accused arrested in this case, there is also a girl, who is a minor and originally a resident of Bhojpur district. Apart from that girl, among the other arrested accused, the kingpin is a resident of Pandarak, while the other two are residents of Patna district. In this, the girl was caught from a flat in Shivpuri area of ​​Patna and after that Rishabh was freed after raiding Ramesh Yadav’s house. In the same house, the girl’s friend Pritam lived on rent with his other companions, where the young man was locked in a room by tying his hands and feet and demanding ransom money.

A ransom of Rs 50 lakh was demanded

It is worth mentioning that after kidnapping the young man, a ransom of Rs 50 lakh was demanded from the relatives on the phone, but when the relatives asked where to send the money, the criminals disconnected the call. SSP Ashish Bharti has confirmed the arrest of the criminals.

Had left Gaya for Patna by bike

The SSP told that Rishabh was called to meet Rishabh by trapping him in a love trap. On Friday, Rishabh left for Patna by bike in the evening to meet her. However, on the way, the girl was found near Sampatchak and he left her after sitting on his bike. Rishabh’s phone was switched off since then. But, on Saturday, the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from his father. SSP Ashish Bharti himself had gone to Belaganj police station on Saturday evening to investigate the related matter. Rishabh is the son of Randhir Narayan, a resident of Akal Bigha village of Belaganj. Randhir is a teacher by profession.

A young woman was caught cheating from a flat in Shivpuri.

The police of Patna and Belaganj police station recovered Rishabh, who was kidnapped for ransom, from Saristabad on Tuesday. Before recovering the young man, the police team raided a flat in an apartment in Shivpuri and first arrested a minor girl who lured him into a love trap and called him Sampatchak of Patna, then the student was recovered from Saristabad. The young man was kept in the room with his hands and feet tied. Police say that the girl traps people by chatting online. The police has also started investigating that how many people have been cheated by this girl and her friends till now.

Even the parents did not know what the daughter was doing

The SHO of Belaganj told that the girl is a minor, but she is very clever. Even his parents are not aware of his misdeeds. The police station chief told that almost every day the girl blackmails someone or the other at the behest of her boyfriend, gets them kidnapped by trapping them in a love trap. He is friends with many boys. The family is originally from Bhojpur district and the father works in a textile company. Police said that after identifying the girl, she was caught from Shivpuri with the help of Gardnibagh police station and then the student was freed by raiding the house of Ramesh Yadav in Saristabad. In the same house, the girl’s friend Pritam lives on rent with his other companions, where the young man was locked in a room by tying his hands and feet and demanding ransom money.

Student came to Patna from Gaya to meet the girl he met on Instagram, was kidnapped, demanded a ransom of 50 lakhs

First call on WhatsApp, then blackmailing

Police told that Pritam is a resident of Pandarak, while the other two youths are residents of Patna. All have been in contact with the girl for a long time. The police station chief said that the girl’s mobile phone was checked, then it was found that she used to talk obscenely by calling on WhatsApp, then blackmailed her. When the girl’s mobile phone was with the police, even during that time the calls of her victims were coming. Some videos from the phone are also in the hands of the police. According to the information, the girl used to carry out such incidents to fulfill her expensive hobbies and her boyfriend and his friends used to support her in this.



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