Bihar: DMCH submerged in rain water, only water in OT and doctor’s chamber, movement of patients difficult


Due to the early morning rains in Darbhanga, DMCH became water-logged. Water entered the departments of Gynecology, Medicine, Emergency, OPD, Pathology, Child etc. Water has seeped into all the hostels including the college, superintendent’s office. OT and doctor’s chamber was filled with water. Due to this the medical work got affected. The doctors and staff worked somehow. The medical work was carried out in the OT by staying in the middle of the water. Due to water filling in medicine, clinical pathology, blood bank and many other departments, the problems of doctors increased. Patients and their relatives are facing a lot of trouble. There is water logging in many other departments including emergency.

Unable to get solution of water logging

Early in the morning, the patients and their relatives who came from far and wide for treatment had to face the problem of water logging. Relatives of Santosh Sahni, Rajesh Shah etc. told that this problem of the hospital is not new. The hospital starts floating even in a little rain. Whereas today it has rained heavily. The problem of water logging, which has been going on for many years, has not been solved yet. People are suffering because of this.

Medical students’ class postponed till July 8

In view of water logging due to heavy rains, the Darbhanga Medical College administration has suspended the class operations till July 8. Students have been allowed to go home. Students can voluntarily go to their homes. Due to heavy rains, water has entered inside the hostels including the medical college, principal’s office. The hospital management has written a letter to the municipal administration for drainage from the premises. Along with this, DM Rajeev Roshan has also been informed about the situation.

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Registration had to be done manually in OPD

Due to incessant rain since early morning, water also entered inside the registration counter of DMCH. The personnel told that due to this the registration work had to be done manually. The water also affected the computer and it could not be operated. About 350 patients reached DMCH for treatment. In many departments, patients had to wait due to late arrival of doctors.



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