Aligarh: Smart city pole opened in rain, BJP metropolitan president’s car stuck in pit, came out after 3 hours


Aligarh : In Aligarh, the secrets of development were exposed only in light rain. BJP metropolitan president’s car got stuck in a pit. This pit falls on Uday Singh Jain Road, the mayor’s area of ​​the Municipal Corporation. At the same time, the car of the Metropolitan President was pulled out from the JCB machine. However, its video is now going viral on social media.

Bharatiya Janata Party had made an election promise of pothole free campaign but this promise remained a promise. The roads of the smart city are in a bad condition during the rainy season. There is mud and water-logging even in light rains. At the same time, BJP’s Metropolitan President Vivek Saraswat’s Scorpio car got stuck in a 7 feet deep pit in front of Vadra Cinema located in Barhadwari. Work is also going on here under the Smart City project. At that time the road was also full of water.

This happened due to soil subsidence in the rain – Metropolitan President

The Metropolitan President told that the girl students of Uday Singh Jain Inter College were also crossing the water, while trying to save them the car got stuck in a pit on the roadside. Same, a girl student also survived from falling into the pit. This happened due to soil subsidence during the rains. Where the Municipal Corporation dug pits, they were not closed properly later. Now it is becoming a problem in the rainy season. The city commissioner was informed about this. Then they sent JCB. After about three hours of hard work, the car of the Metropolitan President was able to leave.

Metropolitan President Vivek Saraswat told that the city commissioner has been informed many times that where there are incomplete works. Get them done. There was also talk about getting the broken road of Uday Singh Jain Road constructed. But this work could not be done before the rains. If seen under the smart city project, the road from DM residence to AMU circle has been improved. This type of work was not seen happening anywhere else, although BJP’s Metropolitan President was seen saying that the Municipal Corporation will have to work more seriously.



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