Agra News: The price of tomato and coriander set fire, kitchen budget spoiled


Agra News: The prices of vegetables are on fire at this time. Tomato available in the market for ₹ 30 ₹ 40 kg is being sold up to ₹ 200 kg. Coriander, which brings flavor to every vegetable, has also reached similar prices. Also, for those who sip tea in the morning, now the taste of ginger is also proving to be very expensive. Apart from this, there are many such vegetables in the market whose prices are skyrocketing. People say that it is compulsion to cook food in the morning and evening, but due to the increase in the price, where work was going on with 1 kg or 2 kg of vegetables, now 200 and 250 grams of vegetables have to be taken. On knowing the reason for the price of vegetables, it was found that due to weather on one side and hoarding on the other, the prices are continuously increasing. The government is trying hard to curb hoarding but the efforts seem to be failing. Tomato, ginger and all other vegetables have become so expensive that the budget of women’s kitchen has gone completely wrong.



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