UCC: Sushil Modi advocated keeping tribals out of the ambit of UCC


A meeting of the parliamentary committee was held today under the chairmanship of BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi. in which he uniform civil code In the event of formation, advocated keeping the tribals of North East and other regions out of its ambit. At the same time, members of some opposition parties questioned the move of the Law Commission to start consultations on this controversial issue.

Opposition parties, including the Congress, linked the emphasis on UCC to the Lok Sabha elections.

It is being told that in the meeting, members of most of the opposition parties including Congress, DMK linked the emphasis on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) with the next Lok Sabha elections. In the meeting, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said that many countries have uniform civil code and also asked to pay attention to the concerns of different regions and communities. Raut also raised questions regarding the timing of starting the process of discussion on this subject.

Congress MP raised questions on the Law Commission’s move

Congress MP Vivek Tankha and DMK MP P Wilson UCC But submitted separate written statements questioning the Law Commission’s move of inviting suggestions from people and other stakeholders. Tankha and Wilson said that they have seen the Law Commission’s discussion paper dated 31 August 2018 on the reform of family law and UCC has been described as neither necessary nor desirable at this stage.

UCC: ‘We will get the support of opposition parties too’, Piyush Goyal’s statement on Uniform Civil Code

DMK MP asked, do you want to undermine the discussion paper of the 21st Law Commission?

DMK MP and another member of the committee, P Wilson, said in his tweet, “Today, before the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Law and Justice, I wrote a letter to the chairman of the committee, Sushil Modi, to hold a public consultation on the Uniform Civil Code before the Law Commission.” Handed over He said that he was surprised that when the 21st Law Commission, headed by a retired Supreme Court judge, had conducted a detailed study and concluded in 2018 that UCC was not desirable, the present Law Commission is revisiting the issue. Insisting on opening up and further discussions. Wilson asked if he wanted to undermine the discussion paper of the 21st Law Commission?

Uniform Civil Code BJP’s election issue

Significantly, the Uniform Civil Code has been one of the three major election issues of the BJP for a long time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while advocating strongly for Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Bhopal recently, asked how the country would run with a dual system? He had said that Muslims are being instigated on this sensitive issue.


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