There was no money for his wife’s operation, so Sameer became a militant, this is how he came in contact with TPC


In the state, the talk of becoming Naxalites and extremists for land dispute, exploitation or revenge has been coming to the fore. But Sameer, a Muslim locality resident of Budhmu, became a TPC militant because he did not have Rs 50,000 for his wife’s operation. He has disclosed this in his statement. The team of Kanke police station arrested him on June 18 in a Naxalite case. Sameer’s full name is Ataullah alias Rocky alias Gujra alias Sameer.

Sameer told that he did not feel like studying. For this reason, he studied till the eighth standard. After this he started working. After a few days, leaving the wages, he started carrying coal from Chhapar to Mandar on his bike. During this, Sameer came to know that in lieu of carrying coal, he would have to pay three thousand rupees per month to TPC militant Murari. Meanwhile, he met his relative Waris Ansari. He tells Sameer that he works for Murari.

That’s why he will talk to Murari and get his coal transportation money forgiven. Sameer’s wife was pregnant in January 2023. The doctor advised her that the delivery would be done by caesarean operation. 50 thousand rupees will be required for this. Sameer did not have money. He sought help from many people. Ultimately he became a militant of TPC by contacting Waris Ansari for money.


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