Rain wreaks havoc in Bihar, six people died due to cold, know how to rescue


With the arrival of rains, the chances of lightning with strong thunderstorms and water increase considerably. Although it is common for lightning to flash and fall with thunderstorms, but sometimes this lightning proves to be deadly and fatal as well. Many people have died due to cold wave in Bihar. On Sunday, six people died due to cold wave in the state. Among these, two deaths have been reported in Supaul and one death each in Buxar, Jamui, Bihta and Gaya. Two people have also been injured in Supaul.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar grieves over the death

Here, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is heartbroken over the death due to lightning. He has expressed his deep condolences to the affected families on Sunday. The Chief Minister said that in this hour of disaster, he is with the affected families. The Chief Minister has given instructions to give ex-gratia of Rs. 4 lakh each to the families of all the deceased immediately. The Chief Minister has appealed to the people that all people should take full vigilance in bad weather. In case of bad weather, follow the suggestions issued from time to time by the Disaster Management Department to avoid lightning. Stay indoors and stay safe in bad weather.

what happens when lightning strikes

It has the greatest effect on the head, shoulders and neck of a person.

Due to this one’s heartbeat can stop or their internal organs can get burnt.

The person on whom lightning falls, a shape called “lightning tree” or “lightning flower” is formed on his body.

It is formed by the bursting of small vessels carrying blood.

Bihar Weather: Heavy rain will occur in these districts of Bihar, know the weather forecast for the next three days

save like this

Stay indoors during thunderstorms.

Keep distance from things like mobiles, radiators, inverters that run on electricity.

Do not go under trees or in open ground.

If you are in an open field, then go near a house.

If you are in the water then reach the shore.

take shelter in a large building or car in case of lightning


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