Criminals are fearless in Patna, within one and a half hour the same gang carried out three robbery incidents, absconding with lakhs


Five criminals of Express 20 Courier Company located at Scholar Adobe School of Raji Vanagar police station area of ​​Patna have carried out the robbery incident at 7:15 pm. The criminals took hostage the staff working in the warehouse of the company on the force of arms and after that took the key of the cash counter and escaped with Rs 2.75 lakh. During the incident, the criminals also uprooted the DVR of the CCTV installed in the godown and took it with them. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police of Rajiv Nagar police station reached. Started investigation. At the same time, after the information, Kotwali DSP Law in Order also came at around 8:30. The incident of robbery created a stir in the whole area.

You give the key… to open your skull…

Giving information about the incident, the victim staff Pawan told that I was sitting at the counter. Something was working. Meanwhile, four people entered one by one. Two were wearing helmets, the other two were without helmets. As soon as I got up from the seat and wanted to ask something, two people took out pistols from their waist and pointed at me. After this, one young man was brandishing a pistol, while another young man slapped me two or three times and started asking for the key of the cash counter. When I refused, one pointed a pistol at my head and said that he will blow up the sent…will give the key to open the skull. After this I gave the key. After taking the key, one of the criminals was pointing a pistol at me, while the other went to the cash counter and first uprooted the DVR. After this, after taking Rs 2.75 lakh from the counter, he fled along with everyone. During this, the remaining two criminals were holding the other staff and were repeatedly talking about shooting.

Criminals came riding on bike, one was monitoring outside

Staff Pawan told that all the criminals had come by bike. A young man was already standing outside with a bike. As soon as everyone went out, the young man started the bike. After this a young man started the bike and all of them fled from there. The staff first informed Mukesh about the incident to the manager of the company. After this the police got the information. At the same time, Santosh Kumar, the owner of the courier company, told that I was not there. The staff told me that the criminals looted the cash after taking everyone hostage at gunpoint and ran away.

Earlier, many courier companies were targeted by criminals.

This is not the first time that criminals have committed robbery or robbery in a courier company. Earlier last year, criminals had looted cash in Flipkart company in Digha by assaulting the staff. The surprising thing was that in the same company in which the robbery took place, the criminals had carried out the incident for the second time. Apart from this, there has also been an incident of robbery in the courier company on the bypass located in Patrakar Nagar police station area.

Criminals seen in private CCTV footage of the building

Police told that the matter is being investigated. The criminals have uprooted the DVR. The CCTV installed in the building has been scanned. In the CCTV footage, criminals have been seen entering and absconding after executing the incident. At the same time, its police is also investigating on other points whether there is any liner in this incident.

1.22 lakh looted on the strength of arms from Amazon warehouse in Digha

After Rajeev Nagar, criminals entered Amazon’s warehouse located on Digha-Ashiana Road and looted Rs 1.22 lakh on Sunday night at around 8 pm. At the same time, the DVR was also uprooted and taken away. On protesting, the robbers assaulted the staff there. According to the information received, five bike-riding criminals have executed the incident. About 30 minutes before this incident, the same group had carried out a major incident of robbery in the godown of a courier company in Rajiv Nagar. After getting the information, the police of Digha police station reached the spot and investigated the matter. According to the information received, on protesting, the robbers also assaulted the staff there and took away the DVR along with cutting the wire of the CCTV camera. Two criminals had gone inside and one was standing outside.

In Alamganj also two lakh looted from courier company’s dastar

After Rajeevnagar and Digha, the criminals of this gang entered the office of a courier company located in Biscoman Colony of Alamganj police station and looted about two lakh rupees. On protesting, the robbers thrashed the staff. After carrying out the incident in about 15 minutes, all escaped. The robbers had planted a bike some distance away from the spot. Local people gathered after the staff created ruckus. The police also reached, but by then the robbers had fled. All the three incidents took place within one to one and a half hours.

The young man had to save the girl student buried under the car in Patna, the police took her to the police station, know the whole matter

Same gang robbed all three places

Patna City ASP confirmed the robbery in Alamganj and said that the police is trying to identify the robbers. ASP Sharath RS told that the criminals who carried out the incident in Digha and Rajivnagar. He has also committed dacoity in Alamganj.


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