CM Yogi angry over the mess in the electricity bill, said that not a single consumer got wrong and delayed bills


Lucknow. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has expressed displeasure over the fact that electricity consumers are not getting bills on time. Complaints are also reaching them about wrong bills being issued. The Chief Minister was having a review meeting with the officials of the Electricity Department. CM Yogi said that the biggest challenge before the Electricity Department-Power Corporation is to provide correct bills and bills on time. Collecting the bill amount from all the consumers, it should be ensured that not even a single consumer gets the wrong electricity bill and everyone gets the bill on time.

Power companies will have to make concerted efforts

CM Yogi said, “Delayed bill not only bothers the consumer, but at the same time, there is disappointment towards the system and he is not enthusiastic about depositing the bill.” In this case, make sure that the bill is given on time and the correct bill is given. For this, all the ‘discoms’ (power companies) will have to make concerted efforts.” In a high-level meeting at the government residence located at five Kalidas Marg, reviewed the power generation, transmission and distribution system in the state and directed the officials of the electricity department to All electricity consumers should get electricity bills on time and no consumer should get wrong bills.


24-hour uninterrupted power supply is available in the state

The Chief Minister said, “In the last six years, under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, every village, village and town of Uttar Pradesh has been illuminated with electricity. There is uninterrupted power supply in the state. The state government is determined for 24-hour uninterrupted power supply in the state. There is a need for comprehensive reforms in the energy sector for electricity self-sufficiency. “He said,” Payment of the bill is necessary for the supply of electricity. It is the responsibility of every consumer who consumes electricity to pay the electricity bill on time. Energy Department/Electricity Corporations will have to make concerted efforts for timely collection of bills. Constantly contact and communicate with the defaulters.

take strict action against those who steal electricity

The Chief Minister said, “Be it a village or a city, there should be no unnecessary power cuts anywhere. Problems like transformer burning/wire falling should be resolved without delay. Feeder wise accountability should be fixed. There should be better communication with all ‘discoms’. Strict action should be taken against those who steal electricity as per the rules, but the consumer should not be harassed in the name of investigation. If such complaints are received, immediate action should be taken against the concerned employee.


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