The traffic policeman was taking money from the car driver to clear the jam, the MLA lashed out, the video went viral


Agra. BJP MLA caught a traffic policeman taking money from the driver in the name of not wearing seat belt. After this, the mercury of the MLA reached the seventh sky. He lashed out at the traffic police personnel. Along with complaining to the officials, demanded action. This whole matter is of Central Bank Road. On Sunday afternoon, Purushottam Khandelwal, BJP MLA from North Assembly constituency, got angry at a traffic policeman. During the jam on the Central Bank Road in Kamla Nagar, the traffic policeman was collecting money in the name of checking. And the MLA had seen all this.

Uniform is concerned, if you misbehave, they will beat you

BJP MLA Purushottam Khandelwal called the police officer and said, “The traffic policeman took money in front of me in the name of seat belt and released the vehicle rider. Central Bank Road has been made a place for collecting chauth. They are telling us that the MLA Why are you angry. They are doing misbehavior, what to do with them. Uniform is concerned, if they misbehave, they will be beaten. The video of the MLA’s anger is going viral on social media.

The policeman took the money and left the car

BJP’s MLA Purushottam Khandelwal is the MLA from North Assembly. Traffic policemen stand on the Central Bank Road ahead of Sultanganj’s culvert. This place comes under the assembly constituency of Purushottam Khandelwal. This road leads to Kamla Nagar. The MLA was coming from Kamla Nagar at around 2:15 pm on Sunday, at that time there was a jam at the Central Bank turn. Traffic policemen were stationed there. When the MLA reached there, the policemen stopped the car driver for not wearing a seat belt. The MLA says that the policeman has left the car after taking the money.


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