Outcry due to fear of flood in Bihar, danger of flood in low lying areas due to surge in Gandak


Due to the fully active monsoon in Bihar, the period of heavy rains has started in almost all the districts. Due to this the water level of the rivers is increasing rapidly. The Gandak river is in spate in Gopalganj and Valmikinagar and the water level of Kosi has also increased. On the other hand, in Sitamarhi district, the water level of Bagmati and Jhim rivers is continuously increasing. In such a situation, flood water is entering many low-lying areas of the state. There is a danger of flood in many villages. Severe erosion has started in the coastal area. In many areas, the roads got waterlogged and the crops were also damaged. Here, the Water Resources Department has prepared engineers, sensors and laborers to deal with any situation. The condition of the rivers is being monitored. Here, monitoring is being done from the control room.

Water released from Valmikinagar barrage, danger increased

It has been raining continuously in Nepal for the last 36 hours. Because of this the Gandak river is in spate. On Saturday, the discharge of water in the river from Valmikinagar barrage has increased to 1.26 lakh cusecs. The water level is rising rapidly. Gandak in Vishambharpur is 1.06 meters below the danger mark, while in Pathara it is 85 cm below the danger mark. Due to the rapidly rising water level, there is a threat of flood in about 43 villages of Sadar block, Kuchayakot, Manjha, Barauli, Sidhwalia and Baikunthpur. The team of engineers is ready on the embankments. Engineers have declared the embankments completely safe.

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Water increased in Gandak barrage

The water level of Gandak barrage is also rising in Valmikinagar. On Saturday, 1.29 lakh cusecs of water was discharged from Gandak barrage. Due to increase in the water level, water pressure will increase in Thadi, Chakdahwa and Marchhawa, Shivpur and rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, besides water entering Chulabhtha forest in the coastal areas of Gandak river.

Erosion in Supail-Bhagalpur

After rising water level in Kosi river, five houses of Maujaha Panchayat of Kishanpur in Supaul have merged into the river. The flourishing crop has been damaged in four hundred acres of Kosi affected area. Water has also climbed on the road. The houses of more than a dozen families are on the verge of demolition. Severe erosion is also taking place in Kharik block of Bhagalpur.

It will rain in the state for a week

Monsoon rains will continue to be light and brisk in the state for the next one week. In the next 24 hours, there is a possibility of light and heavy rain in most of the districts of North Central and North East part of North Bihar and other places. However, according to the forecast of IMD, rainfall in most parts of Bihar is likely to be below normal in July. The maximum and minimum temperature will be higher than normal.

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