Jharkhand: Sirkati corpse case revealed, murder was done on suspicion of illegal relationship, two accused arrested


Mandar (Ranchi), Taufiq Alam: Ranchi’s Mandar police has disclosed the Sirkati dead body case found on June 27 from Hatma forest. Sirkati dead body was of Sohan Bhagat alias Sohan Gaderi (45 years), resident of Malti, Mandar. Sohan Bhagat was brutally murdered by Albert Ekka of the village on the suspicion of illegal relationship, who has been arrested by the police and on his trail, the stick and leg used in the murder and Sohan Bhagat’s dead body were cut into three pieces and separated. The bicycle used to set up hideout at the place has also been recovered. According to the police, after the arrest, Albert Ekka has confessed to the crime of Sohan Bhagat’s murder.

Albert Ekka confessed to the crime

In the interrogation of Pusis, the accused Albert Ekka has told that he left his family in Malti and lives in a live-in relationship with a woman from Brambe village in Tonka Toli, located a little far from the village. Sohan Bhagat used to visit that woman regularly. Because of which he suspected that he had an illegal relationship with the woman. Five days ago, on the evening of June 25, at around 7.30 pm, Sohan Bhagat had reached his house in Tonkatoli. When asked, he did not answer correctly, so he got angry and hit him several times on the head with a stick, after which Sohan Bhagat died due to a head injury. Later, with the intention of disposing of the dead body, he cut off the head of Sohan Bhagat before hanging it at home with full planning and then cut the body into two more pieces and put the head in a sack with a stone in the early morning after loading it into a bicycle. In a well near and took the body three kilometers away and threw it in the forest near Hatma.

Woman Charia Uranin also arrested

After placing the dead body, he switched off his mobile and was comfortably at home. He was hopeful that the police would never be able to reach him after getting pieces of the dead body from different places. Station in-charge Binay Kumar Yadav said that after the arrest of Albert Ekka, on the basis of his statement, blood was found in Albert Ekka’s house along with the lower part of the body of deceased Sohan Bhagat from Patra corner of Mandar Bazar Tand on Friday. Linen soil and cloth have also been recovered. During interrogation, Charia Uranin, a woman living in a live-in relationship with Albert Ekka, has also accepted in front of her that she had thrown out the blood that had fallen in a basin while chopping Sohan Bhagat’s body. Chariya Uranin has also been arrested. On June 27, Mandar police had recovered Sirkati’s dead body from Hatma forest. Then two days later, on June 29, a T-shirt and vest were recovered along with the head from a well located near Tigoi Ambatoli. He was identified as Sohan Bhagat from the head and clothes found in the well.


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