Explainers: Why is France burning? 50 thousand soldiers came on the road, more than 1300 people arrested


France The capital of Paris has been burning in the fire of violence for the last four days. About 50 thousand policemen have been deployed on the road to stop the violence. Despite this, it is becoming difficult to stop the protesters. Clashes between the youth protesters and the police are continuing.

Protesters set several shops on fire

Protesters who took to the street in Paris set fire and vandalized about 2,500 shops in various places. There is news that the protesters are openly firing. The situation has become so bad that the police is not even afraid of the protesters.

what is the matter

In fact, on Tuesday, June 27, a 17-year-old teenager, Nahel, was killed in police firing in the suburb of Nanterre during a traffic check. The murderous death of Nahel shook the nation. After the video of the murder surfaced, people got agitated and resorted to violence.

France is burning, President Emmanuel Macron said- violence is spreading due to ‘Snapchat’ and ‘TikTok’

1311 people were arrested

1,311 people have been arrested during the violence in France. French President Emmanuel Macron urged parents to keep teenagers at home and proposed a social media ban in a bid to contain the riots that have spread across France.

Night curfew in a part of Paris

A nightly curfew has been imposed in an area of ​​the city till the weekend following the shooting of a teenager in the French capital Paris. The curfew has been imposed starting at 9 in the night till 6 in the morning. This will continue from Thursday night till Monday.


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