Delhi: Administration’s bulldozer on illegal dargah in Bhajanpura, preparation to remove temple as well


located at Bhajanpura, Delhi illegal dargah But the action was taken amid tight security. The administration removed the dargah using bulldozers. A large number of security forces have been deployed in the area. At the same time, action is also being taken on an illegal temple located in Bhajanpura. This action is being taken on Wazirabad Road of Bhajanpura.

surveillance by drone

The administration has made strict security arrangements regarding this action. During the operation, not only Delhi Police personnel were deployed but also the presence of central forces. A lot of vigilance is being exercised regarding this action being taken by PWD. During this, the police was also seen appealing to the people to maintain peace through Mike. It is being said that notices were issued to this mosque earlier as well. To deal with any untoward incident, surveillance was also done with drones during this period.

Action taken due to continuous jam

Let me tell you that this mazar had come on the middle of the road, for which there had been a demand for a long time to remove it. The illegal construction was demolished by JCB amid heavy deployment of security forces here early this morning. PWD’s double-decker flyover is being constructed here, in which the metro route is being built above and the road below. Due to the presence of this shrine, there was a constant jam situation here. There is a Hanuman temple near it, preparations are being made to remove it and people are also opposing it.

This type of action has already taken place in Delhi.

Let us tell you that a few days ago, the illegal railing outside the Shani temple built in Mandawali area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Delhi was broken, which was strongly opposed by the people. During this, people protested strongly and shouted slogans fiercely. There was also a clash between the local people and the security personnel regarding this. In view of the huge number of people, along with the local police, a large number of paramilitary forces were also deployed on the spot.

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