Agra News: People gathered in temples on the rumor of drinking Nandi’s milk, know the science behind the miracle


AGRA: In Agra district of the state, on the rumor of drinking milk of Nandi idol, crowds of people thronged the temples throughout the day on Sunday. This process, which started on Saturday, continued throughout the day on Sunday. During this, everyone was seen feeding milk and water to Nandi Maharaj with their own hands. Many devotees claimed that Nandi Maharaj is actually drinking milk, they themselves experienced it.

On Saturday evening in Nagla Bihari of Etmaddaula police station area of ​​Agra, the word spread that the idol of Nandi in the temple was drinking milk. As soon as people came to know about this, everyone started running towards the temple with milk in bowls and glasses. After this, the process of feeding milk and water to Nandi’s idol with a spoon started.

Many people also uploaded its video on social media. However, Prabhat Khabar is not verifying such videos in any way. On the other hand, as soon as the news of Nandi’s statue drinking milk spread in the area, hundreds of people started reaching the temple.

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Regional people told that on applying a spoon filled with milk to the statue of Nandi Baba, the milk is disappearing within a few moments. This is happening because the idol of Nandi is drinking milk. After this, this trend continued on Sunday as well.

Its discussion intensified in many nearby temples and rural areas, including the temple of Nagla Bihari. After this, the videos made by people also went viral on social media. Many people were telling miracles connecting it with faith.

However, according to science, those who consider it a miracle, it is only their illusion. These things happen due to surface tension. There are many pores or small holes in the idols, due to which the liquid goes inside. When any liquid or milk is brought near these sucking pores, it goes inside the idol through these pores and people feel that the idol is drinking milk. The special thing is that before monsoon it is very hot and when it rains, these vacuum pores or sucking pores become active.



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