Agra: Nazir became a target for the youth lost in social media and reels, carrying the burden of studies by selling ice cream


Agra. The destination is reached only by those who have life in their dreams. Nothing happens with wings, there is flight with courage’ These lines of the famous poem fit perfectly on Lakshya Gupta, a class 11 student of Agra. Lakshya Gupta may still be small to reach his destination. But from now on he has started working hard. Due to the poor financial condition of the family, seeing the difficulty in studies, Lakshya started selling ice cream. Due to this, he started bearing the expenses of his family and his studies.

Idol has become a target for the younger generation

At the same time, whenever Lakshya gets time at the ice cream cart, he opens his book and copy and starts reading. Seeing this hard work of Lakshya, everyone has become convinced of him. Lakshya Gupta, a Class 11 student of Trans Yamuna Colony, Agra, wants to become something big by studying and writing. But the financial condition of his family was coming in the way of his studies. The family did not have enough money to provide good education to Lakshya. What was it then that Lakshya himself took the burden of his studies on his shoulders.

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Lakshya has been selling ice cream continuously for five years

In Trans Yamuna Phase One, Lakshya sets up an ice cream cart and whenever he gets time, he opens his copy book on the cart and starts studying in the light of the cart itself. Lakshya has become an idol for today’s young generation. Lakshya’s father and elder brother also run an ice cream stall. For almost 5 years, Lakshya has been completing his studies by selling ice cream. Lakshya, who is studying 11th from Maths, dreams of becoming an engineer.


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