Rajnath Singh called Bhupesh Baghel the king of corruption, warned Pakistan from Chhattisgarh


Defense Minister Rajnath Singh While addressing a public meeting in Kanker of Chhattisgarh, he lashed out at the Bhupesh Baghel government. Rajnath Singh called Baghel the king of corruption. Rajnath Singh also warned Pakistan from the land of Chhattisgarh.

If you try to harm the country, we will kill you on the other side – Rajnath warns Pakistan

Rajnath Singh warned Pakistan that if anyone tries to harm the country, a befitting reply will be given. Defense Minister said, I want to tell my neighbor that do not tamper with India. Do not try to show eyes to India. We will not kill only from this side, if needed we can come and kill from that side also. Now India has changed.

Rajnath Singh called the Baghel government corrupt

Rajnath Singh called the Baghel government of Chhattisgarh corrupt. He criticized the Baghel government for corruption and said that many scams took place during the five Congress regimes. Singh said that Gothan scam, ration scam, liquor scam and coal scam which is his (Congress’s) favorite were done in the state. Even when he was in power at the Centre, he did the coal scam. He said that wherever they go, they do coal scam, now it is clear that Congress will be wiped out from the state in the upcoming assembly elections. Singh also targeted the former Congress-led UPA regime over the scam and said that no one can raise a finger against the Modi government and make a single allegation of corruption.

Rajnath Singh from Jammu bluntly to Pakistan, said- PoK was a part of India, is and always will be

Chhattisgarh has been grappling with the menace of Left Wing Extremism for a long time

Rajnath Singh said, Chhattisgarh has been battling the menace of left wing extremism for a long time. In nine years, due to effective action under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the influence of Left Wing Extremism has reduced. It is now limited to only 10-12 districts. Some of these districts are in Chhattisgarh. I can claim that if the Congress government had given full cooperation, the left wing extremism would have been wiped out from the country. Attacking the Bhupesh Baghel government, he said, incidents of religious conversion are increasing in Chhattisgarh, especially in the tribal-dominated Bastar region, and this is not acceptable and should be stopped by any means.


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