‘Selectors are not God’, former Team India star breaks silence on Sarfaraz Khan’s non-selection


Indian Test team against West Indies sarfaraz khan Many former cricketers due to non-selection BCCI Very angry with. Despite Sarfaraz scoring runs in domestic cricket in the last three years, the Mumbai batsman was ignored by the selectors. Not only this, the selection committee said that the reason behind Sarfaraz’s exclusion from the team was his fitness and behavior more than his performance.

WV Raman said this

Former India women’s team coach and former cricketer WV Raman has defended the selection committee. In a video uploaded on Aakash Chopra’s YouTube channel, Raman said, “The selection committee had allegedly expressed some views regarding his (Sarfaraz) non-inclusion. One of them feels that he needs to improve his ability to play against fast bowling and the other feels that he needs to improve his fitness and fielding as well.

Mumbai cricket officials came to the rescue of Sarfaraz Khan, said- the cricketer never behaved disrespectfully

Raman defended the selection committee

Raman said that if I am asked, I would say that the selection committee is not really trying to find faults in Sarfaraz. It has happened many times that a player’s performance with bat or ball alone cannot be the criteria for his selection in the national team. Raman says, ‘In such a situation one can also turn to me and ask what they are trying to say and do they think that they are God? No, he (the selector) is not God.

Sarfaraz will have to do this work

The 58-year-old revealed that it is ideal to discuss cricketer’s behavior on and off the field in the selection committee. “What usually happens is that in the selection committee meeting, they not only look at the statistics that a cricketer has put up, but they also discuss about the various things that they have noticed about a cricketer’s technique or technique. Must have been found in his attitude. This committee has done exactly that. He feels that when it comes to facing international fast bowlers, Sarfaraz Khan might not be capable of it. It is common practice to take such decisions in the selection committee meetings. This has been done before as well.


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