Bihar Teacher Restoration: 1.68 lakh posts were appointed in 2012, only 3400 candidates from other states were selected


People from outside Bihar have also been given a chance in the context of the native in the eligibility to apply in the recruitment process for the post of school teacher in the schools of Bihar. Arguments are being given in its support and against. In such a scenario, the Education Department has made it clear through various mediums that there should be no confusion with the decision taken in the context of the native.

In 2012, only 3400 candidates from outside were selected for teacher recruitment.

Sources in the education department have made it clear that there was some statutory technical requirement behind the decision taken by the government regarding the native. According to the sources of the education department, in the rules of the year 2012 also, there was an opportunity for other states to apply for the post of teachers other than the natives of Bihar. At that time, about 1.68 lakh posts of teachers were vacant, in which only 3400 candidates from outside the state could be selected.

Multiple writs filed after advertisement

Official sources said that several writs have been filed in which the issue of violation of Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution has been raised after the Bihar Public Service Commission issued an advertisement for the selection of school teachers. That’s why the intention of the government is very clear that the opportunities of the candidates who are native of Bihar will not decrease due to the application of the candidates of other states.

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The eligibility of the native to apply has been removed

Let us tell you that in the cabinet meeting held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, it was decided to give a chance to all the candidates of the country in the appointment of school teachers. Earlier only the citizens of the state used to get the opportunity to become a teacher in Bihar. There has been continuous protest since this decision taken by the cabinet. Many political parties as well as teachers unions have opposed this decision. On the other hand, the Education Minister had said that the domicile policy has been removed because at the time of planning, we found that there are some subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics and English, in which better candidates are not available and the seats remain vacant.


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