Thailand turns British embassy into marijuana café


As a large number of nations in the world have been legalizing sale and consumption of marijuana, authorities in Thailand too has also done the same considering massive presence of tourists from around the world. It may be mentioned here that, Thailand is considered as a hypnotic destination of tourists because of its tropical weather, extremely friendly people and a large number of tourist attraction places. Most of the cities in Thailand, including Bangkok and Pattaya are very lively and vibrant while tourists can visit local bars, karaoke, massage parlors, discoes, nightclubs and various types of amusement places, most of which remain open almost round the clock. Thailand also is known for hundreds and thousands of restaurants offering food items from around the world.

Because of growing demand for marijuana, tourist attraction city Pattaya has been witnessing growth of outlets offering marijuana. As a sign of how Pattaya has changed, the historic British consulate has now become just one more amongst the city’s 200 or so ganja (marijuana) sales points. The consulate, situated in Jomtien Soi 5 close to the immigration police bureau, was operational from 2007-2012.

It was opened by the British government in response to the then booming number of Brits, both tourists and expats, in the resort. The office provided confirmation letters of income for immigration, distributed forms on a wide variety of embassy-related matters, including passport renewals, and was the mainspring for crisis management such as arrests and deaths.

The consulate was closed as part of a British government cost-saving exercise on diplomatic posts abroad to centralize services on capital cities and encourage use of the internet rather than frontline services by Brits abroad. Pattaya is still served by a British honorary consul but with a smaller remit. The current holder for 10 years, Bert Elson, is retiring but his successor has not yet been publicly announced.

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The old embassy office, which paid an annual rent to the owners, has had a varied history since its closure. It has been a foreign exchange bureau, an office and a coffee point before transferring to the high life earlier this year.

Although cannabis as a leisure pursuit remains illegal, the Thai government announced amendments to the narcotics law in 2018 to legalize the drug for medical treatment for 38 diseases. In 2020 the law was further amended to allow the ingredient in cooking food and providing non-alcoholic drinks.

Thailand is the first country in Asia to liberalize drug laws.

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