Vande Bharat Express train will run between Patna-Ranchi from today, know how is the food menu


Anand Tiwari, Patna. On Tuesday morning, as soon as PM Narendra Modi flagged off the Ranchi-Patna Vande Bharat train through video conferencing, the train started filling up. This is the 21st Vande Bharat Express of the country and the first of Bihar-Jharkhand. This train started from Ranchi at 10:52 am and reached Patna stopping at many small and big stations. Whichever stations this train passed through, it impressed everyone with its state-of-the-art look and design, speed and facilities. It may be known that from June 28, this train will run between Patna and Ranchi for the whole week except Tuesday.

Travelers become crazy about beauty and virtues

Everyone was eager to see the beauty of the train and know its qualities inside. Passengers and common people were seen coming inside the train and making selfies and videos. At the station where this train was stopping, people waiting for another train were also coming inside it to take selfies. Railway staff and RPF personnel were constantly taking them out. Apart from this, crowds gathered at the stations to see this train. After opening from Ranchi, the train reached Patna stopping at about 20 stations.

Train speed was 50-130 km

The speed of the train kept changing at different places. Somewhere 50, somewhere 130 km per hour it was moving. The speed of the train between Gaya to Patna was 110, Koderma to Gaya 130, Barkakana to Koderma 100, Koderma to Tati Sylve 80 and between Ranchi to Tati Sylve and Misera the speed of the train was 100 km per hour.

Train hostess seen on the lines of flights

The female hostesses were the center of attraction in the train. All of them were dressed like air hostesses. On the other hand, Railway CPRO Virendra Kumar told that on the lines of flights, now train hostesses will be seen in this train as well. Not only this, these trains will work on the lines of hostess only. There will be two hostesses in the executive class and one ten hostesses in the chair car.

Slogans of Vande Mataram and Jai Shri Ram

The train from Ranchi reached platform number 10 of Patna Junction at 5:42 pm. On reaching here, slogans of Vande Mataram, Jai Shri Ram and Modi-Modi were raised. During the journey, after Ranchi, it stopped at Mesra, Barkakana, Charhi, Hazaribagh Town, Barhi, Koderma, Paharpur, Gaya, Jehanabad, Gaya etc. stations, where it was welcomed with drums and music.

Arrangements are also made for the care of disabled passengers and children.

Various facilities are also available in the train for disabled passengers and mothers traveling with small children. Apart from many sign boards in Braille for the differently-abled in the train, separate bathrooms have also been made for mothers traveling with small children.

PM Modi inaugurates Patna-Ranchi Vande Bharat Express online, know route, schedule and fare

these are the specialties

Braille script on the seat handles for differently abled passengers and disabled friendly bio toilets.

There is a safety feature named Railway Suraksha Kavach to protect against unwanted danger.

It is equipped with intelligent braking system, which helps in stopping the train even in less time.

Automatic slide doors are fitted in the train. There are also automatic foot rests outside each gate.

There is also a facility of fire sensor GPS and camera for the safety of the passengers.

This is the menu of executive class

Veg Breakfast: Tea or Coffee, Biscuit, Two Parathas, Vegetable, Curd, Veg Cutlet, Brown Bread Slice two pieces, Finger Chips, Jam, Banana, Choco Pie, Juice, Tea.

Non Veg Breakfast: Masala Omelet, Brown Bed Slice 2, Finger Chips, Jam, Banana 02, Choco Pie, Juice, Tomato Ketchup, Tea or Coffee.

Lunch : Soup, Jeera Pulao, Ajwain Paratha 02, Mix Dal Fry, Paneer Butter Masala, Chicken Butter Masala, Aloo Chokha, Ice Cream.

Evening Snacks: Water chestnut, Croissant Bread, Chocolatebar, Popcorn, Salted Almond Packet, Juice, Tomato Ketchup, Tea.

chair car menu

Morning tea: Tea or Coffee, Biscuit.

Veg Breakfast: Two parathas, curd, veg cutlet, fruit cake, tea, tomato ketchup.

Non Veg Breakfast: Masala Omelet, Brown Bed Slice 2, Finger Chips, Jam, Fruit Cake, Tea or Coffee.

Lunch : Cumin Pulao, Ajwain Paratha 02, Mix Dal Fry, Paneer Butter Masala, Chicken Butter Masala.

Evening Snacks: Water chestnut, Popcorn, Branded Makhana, Juice, Tomato Ketchup, Tea

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