UP News: Husband became a thief to take his wife to Kullu-Manali on honeymoon, police arrested on returning


Lucknow, After marriage, a young man became a thief to fulfill the promise of taking his wife to Kullu Manali on honeymoon. Hashim of Moradabad had promised to take his wife to a hill station like Kullu Manali on their honeymoon after their marriage in January. But Hashim didn’t have money to take his wife to Manali for honeymoon. To fulfill the promise made to the wife, the husband became a thief. Hashim first steals a new bullet. After that he ran away with a bag full of one lakh 90 thousand rupees from an MR. After stealing the bike and money within two days, Hashim went on a journey to Kullu Manali with his wife in a bullet to fulfill his promise.

Police searched more than 50 CCTV footage

This incident of theft was captured in the CCTV of the shop. After the incident, the police had scanned the CCTV footage installed at more than 50 places. After which the face was seen by the police. The police obtained Hashim’s mobile number and put it on surveillance. The last location of Hashim’s mobile number was found in Himachal Pradesh. After that his phone got switched off. The police was constantly looking for this thief. At the same time, after the theft, the young man took his wife on a honeymoon with the bullet itself. After returning from there, the police arrested him. The police have recovered Rs 45,000 and a stolen bike from him.

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got married in january

Hashim, a resident of the city, got married in January. After marriage, he had promised to take his wife to Kullu Manali for honeymoon. He was unable to raise money for this, while his wife was repeatedly insisting on taking him on a honeymoon. After this, Hashim stole a new Bullet motorcycle from Thana Majhola area on 3 June. After this Hashim started doing Reiki of a medical agency. Started keeping an eye on the medical representative coming there. On June 4, MR Nasir from Amroha reached the drug dealer’s place with a bag. After which he had executed the incident.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCprmduJleE)


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