Shopping centers and malls are preparing for celebrations


A tour by “Al-Arab” revealed the readiness of commercial centers and large “malls” to receive the public in the celebrations of Eid Al-Adha, whether for shopping or entertainment.
Shoppers confirmed to The Arab Weekly that these malls are a safe haven for them during the morning period to escape the high temperature, which does not allow them to go to the commercial streets, in addition to the availability of many games and various activities.
The tour monitored: The interest of commercial centers in attracting the public one day before the celebrations of Eid Al-Adha, especially families, through attractive offers for families and children and a variety of shows.
Shoppers pointed out that the prices of clothes and sweets varied from one commercial market to another, and even from one commercial store to another, while the prices of Western sweets witnessed a remarkable increase in their various types, while traditional Arabic and Qatari sweets maintained their usual prices before the Eid season.
They emphasized that some shops cancel commercial offers on goods with the approaching and during the days of Eid, in addition to re-displaying old goods at higher prices than they were in the past, considering the holiday an opportunity to sell old goods, including dresses, abayas, and children’s clothes.
During the days of the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday, many families resort to commercial centers and large “malls” to escape the high temperature, which does not allow them to go to beaches and public parks, in addition to the availability of many recreational games that meet the needs of children, shopping places and picnics in hot temperatures. suitable.
Commercial centers and shops selling gifts, sweets and nuts were also announced to receive citizens and residents, in light of the increased demand for recreational games that meet the needs of children.
Citizens confirmed that the preparation for the blessed Eid al-Adha holiday began early, especially since it coincided with the summer vacation, stressing that all goods are available and the buying and selling movement in the markets is witnessing a remarkable boom, with the availability of all families’ needs of Eid necessities, such as clothes, shoes, sweets and other necessities.
pool prices
During the holidays, commercial centers turn into a large entertainment destination for families, with many citizens keen to spend their holidays in Doha, where the blessed Eid Al-Adha program is full of many programs and activities designed to attract different groups of the public, including children, which are entertainment activities, some of which show an aspect of culture and heritage. In Qatar, at the same time, joy enters everyone, in addition to the commercial offers offered by the various stores, which are popular with customers.
Busy program
The malls have prepared a program full of shows, activities and events that extends for three days, in order to attract different groups of the public inside and outside the country so that they spend enjoyable times in which entertainment combines with interest.
Some other destinations are a favorite destination for young people and families, such as the events of the General Foundation for the Cultural Village, Katar, where they often prepare special events on the waterfront that include interesting artistic performances inspired by the Arab heritage.
Souq Waqif is also one of the most important tourist destinations in Qatar, as it receives visitors from Qatar and abroad, as this destination takes into account their culture and heritage and includes wide options in the areas of entertainment and shopping.


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