Russia fired missiles at two cities of Ukraine, 4 people including 1 child killed, more than 40 injured


Russia-Ukraine War Update: Russia has fired missiles at two cities of Ukraine, Kremenchuk and Kramatorsk. According to the information revealed, 4 people including a child have died in this missile attack in Kramatorsk, while around 42 people have been injured. This attack was done in the most crowded place of Kramatorsk. A local official informed about the incident. If media reports are to be believed then this attack of Russia on Ukraine was done at 07:30 local time yesterday evening. Pavlo Kirilenko, Chief of Military Administration of the Donetsk region, told that we are now working to find out the number of injured and possibly killed in the attack in the city. The place where the attack took place is the center of the city and here food is arranged for the citizens.

4 killed, 42 injured

According to media reports, quoting the police, it has been learned that Russia had fired two S-300 surface-to-air missiles. Four people were killed in the deadly attack, while 42 others were badly injured. The Emergency Service of Ukraine gave information about this attack on the messaging platform Telegram.

Missile fell on the outskirts of Kremenchuk

Quoting Ukrainian officials, the media said that the second missile fired by Russia fell outside a village in Kremenchuk. Giving information about the incident on Telegram, Ukraine’s Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko said that Russia has deliberately dropped this missile on crowded areas. For information, let us tell you that exactly one year ago, on June 27, 22 people died in the Russian missile attack on Kremenchuk.


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