Jharkhand: The first monsoon rain exposed the road built in Tatijharia of Hazaribagh, people were slipping in the mud


Jharkhand News: Due to intermittent rains for the last three days, the condition of Tatijharia block headquarter road under Hazaribagh district has deteriorated. For laying the pipe going from Konar Dam to Hazaribagh, the Tatijharia block road has been dug up and the pipe has been laid and cast from above. It hasn’t even been a month since the road was cast. In the first rain itself, the road has broken and collapsed.

Mud and slippery road made it difficult to walk

There has been water logging on this road, due to which it has become muddy and slippery. As a result, people going to the block office and children coming to school are also facing a lot of difficulty in walking. The pipe laying work is being done by L&T company. Local people said that many highways and big vehicles travel daily through this road. Due to this the condition of the road has become worse.

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People faced trouble in Mangal Bazar

Mangal Bazar is held on every Tuesday in Tatijharia block road adjacent to Tatijharia NH-522. In this, people from different places of the district reach here for buying and selling. The people who came to Mangal Bazar had to face a lot of problems. Many people who came to the market to buy vegetables slipped and fell in the mud. Not only did his clothes get damaged, he also got seriously injured. The local people said that the BDO and other officials use this route daily. On Tuesday, to attend the peace committee meeting regarding Bakrid festival in Tatijharia police station, the office bearers had also passed through this muddy road from the block. People allege that even after seeing the muddy road, the officers are not paying attention to getting it built.


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