Surat: Formal start of monsoon in city district


Monsoon has started with two days of rainy season in Surat city and district. Yesterday, the entire city received an average of one to one and a half inches of rain. It rained heavily in different areas of the city later this afternoon. People in the city have got respite from the heat since two days. On the other hand, the farmers waiting for the rains are very happy with the onset of monsoon.

The weather in Surat city has remained cool due to rains last evening and today afternoon. The Meteorological Department has already announced that Monsoon has officially started in Surat city and district. Yesterday, an average of one to one and a half inches of rain was recorded across Surat city. Today, on the second day, dark cloudy weather was observed since morning and heavy rains occurred in different parts of the city in the afternoon.

strong entry of rain

Megharaja made a grand entry in Surat on the second day as well. Heavy rains lashed all areas including Athwalines, Piplod, Nanpura, Udhna, Limbayat, Pandesara, Vesu, Rander and Adajan in Surat. The rains in the city brought respite to the people from the unbearable heat. For the last two days, the city has been witnessing rain and the city has become quite cold.

farmers are happy

Monsoon has started 15 days late in the district including Surat. Monsoon has been seen to be prolonged due to Cyclone Beporjoy. Then the farmers of South Gujarat, including Surat, who are eagerly waiting for the rains, are very happy with the delayed onset of rains. Farmers growing vegetables, paddy and sugarcane among other crops in Surat district are now hoping for good and regular rains.


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