Retired sweeper arrived in Agra to demand euthanasia from the commissioner, accused the accountant of stopping the medical claim


Agra. Retired sanitation worker of Municipal Corporation Surendra Singh has demanded euthanasia from the Municipal Commissioner. He has accused Municipal Corporation Accounts Officer Ullas Verma of not paying the medical claim. He says that after retirement he was surrounded by many diseases. After which he continued to get his treatment done with the help of the Municipal Corporation. Initially, he did not face any problem. But now Ullas Verma, posted as Accounts Officer in Municipal Corporation, is troubling him unnecessarily.

Accusation of stopping payment by making unnecessary objection

His payment is being stopped by raising unnecessary objections on his file. Due to which he is very hurt and for this reason he has demanded Halided injection from the Municipal Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation. By applying which he can end his life. However, the victim Surendra could not be met due to non-availability of any officer in the Municipal Corporation. According to the information, 70-year-old Surendra, a resident of Motia’s Bagichi Water Works, was posted as a sweeper in the Health Department of the Municipal Corporation. He retired in 2013 and after that he was surrounded by many diseases.

Forced to go round the departments

Surendra has been treating his ailments for a long time with the help of the Municipal Corporation. For this, the Municipal Corporation has been providing them medical claims from time to time. Surendra Singh told that for years the Municipal Corporation was easily giving him medical claims. The officers who were posted here earlier never bothered them in any way. However, he had to go around the departments many times. Ullas Verma is now posted as Accounts Officer in the Municipal Corporation, on whom he has alleged that Ullas Verma has withheld two files of his medical claim.

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Accusation of stopping medical claim

According to one file 28710 and according to the other file 27190 is to be paid. But Municipal Accounts Officer Ullas Verma has objected to both his files. And the medical claim has been stopped. Due to this reason, the victim came on a wheel chair with his grandson to seek euthanasia from the officials of the Municipal Corporation. In the complaint letter given by the victim Surendra Singh to the Municipal Corporation, it was written, ‘By your special grace, taking immediate compassionate action on the prayer letter of the applicant, please get me the Halided injection from your level to voluntarily kill me. So that you don’t have to raise illegal objections on my file and with the help of your holy hands, the applicant can get goodbye and get freedom.



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