Father-in-law hacked his daughter-in-law with an ax in Agra, police arrested the accused


Agra. A father-in-law beheaded his daughter-in-law with an ax in Kirawali area of ​​Agra. The daughter-in-law’s head was severed with an axe, due to which the daughter-in-law died. After that the accused went and sat outside the father-in-law’s house. When other people of the house came to know about this, they protested, then the father-in-law tried to attack many people. The police who reached the spot have arrested the father-in-law and are busy in knowing the reasons behind the murder.

father-in-law attacked with an ax

According to the information, Raghuveer Singh lives with his family in Malikpur village of Kirawali police station. Raghuveer Singh has two sons. The elder son has died. Younger son Gaurav is posted in UP Police and is currently in Farrukhabad. Gaurav’s wife Priyanka lives in the village. Today at 07 am, Priyanka was working at home and cooking. Meanwhile, his father-in-law Raghuveer Singh came with an axe.

Daughter-in-law’s neck was severed by hitting with an ax

Suddenly he hit Priyanka on the neck with an axe, due to which she fell on the spot. After this the father-in-law made several attacks. Priyanka’s neck got severed due to this and she died on the spot. During this, when the daughter-in-law of the elder son came out of the room, she raised an alarm when she saw all this. Father-in-law Raghuveer ran to kill the elder daughter-in-law as well and hit her too. Due to which he got hurt. But somehow the daughter-in-law ran away from the house after saving her life.

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Police arrested the accused

According to the information, Raghuveer sat at the door outside his house after killing his daughter-in-law. A crowd of villagers gathered on the spot and informed the police about the incident. After which the police reached the spot and arrested the father-in-law. However, the reason for this murder is being said to be a domestic dispute. Police has sent the dead body for postmortem.


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