Dharmendra spilled pain at grandson Karan Deol’s wedding, read poem, said – silence was suffocating…


Dharmendra Video: Recently veteran actor Dharmendra Sunny Deol’s grandson and Sunny Deol’s son got married. Many celebs from Bollywood attended this wedding, including Anupam Kher and Raj Babbar. During this, Anupam recorded a video of Dharam Paji, which he shared with his fans. In the video, Dharmendra is seen reciting a poem. Users are commenting a lot on this.

Anupam Kher shared this video

Anupam Kher has posted the video on his Twitter. Anupam says in this, Yes Dharamji, you were narrating something very good. After which Dharmendra reads one of his poems very deeply. Anupam and Raj Babbar encourage him. The actor wrote in the caption with the video, when we grow up. In age or in status. So, I miss my abandoned home a lot. The house where we spent our childhood.

When we grow up, either in age or in status, we miss the home we left behind. The house where we spent our childhood. That day, I reached a little early for the wedding of my friend Sunny Deol’s son, Karan, so I got a chance to spend time with Dharam ji.Dharam ji wrote his poem… pic.twitter.com/truylYA6Yw

— Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) June 27, 2023

That day my friend…

He further wrote, that day I reached a little early for the wedding of my friend Sunny Deol’s son Karan, so I got a chance to spend time with Dharam ji. Dharam ji was humming some lines of a poem written by him. Which was touching the depths of my and Raj Babbar ji’s hearts. On my insistence, he agreed to record this nazm. You also listen. You will also miss your lover, your childhood, your home and your mother.

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poetry of dharam paji

The lines of Dharam Paji’s poem are like this, I was sitting lost, lonely, sad in my room, seeing me sad, my restless thoughts, took me to the streets of my village, flying every bit of my land, the face of my mother standing in front of me It’s been a while, mother was silent, I became silent again, a gust of memories came flying away, the face of my earth, mother stood in front of me. Mother is found…

‘The silence was suffocating…’

Further, Dharmendra says, I was suffocating in silence, Subukti Mamta again broke the silence, don’t suffer anymore, come my child, come and hug me and I cry like a child, mother, saying my mother, went and hugged my mother, mother. I started feeling sleepy in the soft lap of the mother, caressing her head, she said, “Look, Dharam, the children and old people of the village are all standing to meet you, go and meet them, I have gone…


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