Bihar Weather Update: Monsoon weakened in Bihar, know from when it will rain well


Monsoon remains weak in North Bihar. Even on Tuesday, clouds kept hovering in the sky throughout the day. But except at one or two places, it did not rain anywhere. It rained well at some places in the evening in Darbhanga. In other places including Muzaffarpur, people kept waiting for the rain. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University Pusa’s Rural Agriculture Meteorological Service Center and India Meteorological Department have issued weather forecast till July 2. In which it has been told that there is no possibility of very good rainfall till July 2. There may be light rain at some places.


There may be moderate rain at some places in the next 24 hours. During this period, the maximum temperature can be around 34-36 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature can be around 23-26 degree Celsius. During this period, on an average, easterly wind with a speed of 10 to 15 km per hour for the next two-three days and then westerly wind. likely to walk. Tuesday’s maximum temperature was 35.5 degree Celsius and minimum temperature was 25 degree Celsius, which was 0.8 degree Celsius less than normal.

Strong wind and drizzle changed the weather

On Tuesday evening, along with strong wind, the weather has changed slightly due to drizzle. Due to this, people got relief from the humid heat. People enjoyed the first drizzle after the arrival of monsoon. However, the farmers, who had hoped for good rains, had to be disappointed. On the other hand, people troubled by the humid heat felt some relief. People kept enjoying the drizzling by standing near the balcony and window.

Planting paddy in low and medium land

Dr. A. Sattar, Meteorologist of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, has advised the farmers that those farmers who have paddy straw ready, have irrigation system, then they should start planting paddy in low and medium land. Sow kharif onion nurseries in shallow beds. Keep a drainage system in the nursery. N-53, Agrifound DarkRed, Arkakalyan, Bhima Super are the recommended varieties for Kharif Onion.

Treat the seeds by mixing Captan or Thiram at the rate of 2 grams per kg. To protect the nursery from strong sunlight and rain, it can be covered with 40 shade nets at a height of 6-7 feet. For healthy onion seedlings, keep removing weeds regularly from the nursery. Keep monitoring the nursery for insect-diseases. Sow Suan, Devki, Shaktimaan-1, Bhaktimaan-2 and Rajendra hybrid maize-3 varieties of kharif maize.


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