Used to get hawala money from Pakistan and Bangladesh, five arrested from Patna and Lakhisarai, ATS started investigation


Bihar Police has arrested five cyber criminals including a minor from Lakhisarai and Patna. However, five criminals escaped during the raid. Two lakh 58 thousand seven hundred rupees, 13 mobiles, 12 ATM cards, 16 SIM cards, six bank passbooks, two check books, PAN card, driving license, voter ID card, e-labor card and Aadhaar card have been recovered from them.

ATS started investigation

All the vicious people used to get the hawala and cyber fraud money transferred from Pakistan and Bangladesh to different accounts. Lakhs of rupees come into these accounts every day. After this, the kingpin gives his account number to these miscreants in the evening. In that account, these clever people deposit money through cash deposit machines. The person who puts money in the account gets 15 thousand a month or 300 rupees daily. On the other hand, the one who keeps the accounts of these accounts, is given 20 thousand a month. Considering the seriousness of the matter, complete information has been given to the ATS. ATS has also started investigation.

Five arrested from Patna and Lakhisarai

Lakhisarai SP got information that some boys of Jankidih are taking away the accounts and ATM cards of poor people by luring them with money. After this, they ask for cybercrime money in it. On the instructions of the SP, the team of Inspector Kumar Sanjeev, Vaibhav Kumar and SI Kumar Gaurav started the raid. The team first caught Pankaj Kumar, a resident of Jankidih Beldaria of Lakhisarai, two mobiles and two ATM cards, two SIMs and 37 hundred rupees were recovered from him. After this, Santosh Kumar of Jankidih Beldaria was caught from Pachna Road Chowk of Lakhisarai. After this the police reached Patna. Police arrested Ratan from Naya Tola in Patna. Ratan told Lalan’s name. As soon as the police caught Lalan from Digha’s Mithila Colony, he broke his phone by slamming it. There is a lot of evidence in his phone.

More than 500 bank accounts, in which crores of rupees came

When the investigation was done, it was found that this gang is involved in the business of cyber fraud as well as hawala. The police have received information about the pirates having more than 500 bank accounts. It was also learned that crores of rupees have come from Pakistan and Bangladesh in these accounts. According to information, Amarjeet of Kiul, Raja of Digha, Vishal and Santosh of Buddha Colony are absconding in the case. In the investigation, it was found that Raja is the son-in-law of Kiul’s Vinod Mandal. It was Raja and Vishal who gave cyber fraud training to the youth of Lakhisarai. According to the investigation so far, Raja of Digha, Vishal and Santosh of Buddha Colony are the top members of the gang.

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Taking passbook, sim and atm card from poor people by paying money

Arrested Pankaj and Santosh told that they take bank account, SIM, ATM card from poor people by paying them money and give it to Ratan Kumar, resident of Ramseer village of Kiul. Ratan, arrested from Patna, told that he used to give ATM, account and SIM to Lalan, a resident of Ramseer village of Kiul police station area and another. The arrested Lalan Singh told that the whole business is run through the WhatsApp group. In this, Raja, son-in-law of Amarjit Kumar and Vinod Mandal, Vishal Kumar of Digha Patna and Santosh Kumar of Buddha Colony, Patna, withdraw money for hawala and cybercrime and send it to the account given by Santosh and Vishal. The SP said that five people have been arrested in the case and four are absconding.


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