Overwhelmed by Bihar’s hospitality, G-20 delegates return home after seeing Nalanda’s world heritage site


Rajgir. DM Shashank Shubhankar and SP Ashok Mishra welcomed the representatives of L-20 who came to see and know the glorious past, educational tradition, glorious history, cultural and mythological heritage of Jnanpith Nalanda. After this, the foreign and domestic representatives of L-20 were welcomed in a traditional manner at the entrance of Nalanda’s world heritage ancient Nalanda University ruins. All the delegates were felicitated by giving rose flowers and applying sandalwood tilak. A shawl of Madhubani painting and a symbol from Archeology were also presented by the district administration. A welcome song was presented by Jeevika didis on the occasion.

49 delegates from 14 countries have participated in the tour program of Nalanda and Rajgir. On the arrival of the representatives of L-20, elaborate security arrangements were made in Nalanda and Rajgir. The world heritage site of Nalanda was visited by the representatives by dividing into three groups. One team was guided by Dr. Gautami Bhattacharya, Superintending Archaeologist of ASI Patna Circle, while the other team was guided by Shankar Sharma, Assistant Superintending Archaeologist of Archaeological Museum, Nalanda and the other team was guided by Virendra Kumar and Nayansi Priya, Assistant Superintending Archaeologists of Bodhgaya Museum.

The restrictions imposed by archeology were relaxed for these delegates during their visit to the ruins of the ancient Nalanda University. The heritage stairs and monuments on which climbing was prohibited. The Superintending Archaeologist himself was seen guiding foreign tourists in the restricted area. Similarly, at site number three, the delegates were seen climbing up and down the stairs.

Due to the humid heat during the World Heritage Tour, the health of Prof. Santosh of JNU suddenly deteriorated. Shankar Sharma, who was guiding on the spot, and the people of the administration took care of him immediately and he recovered after some time. Due to the sultry heat, umbrellas were arranged by the district administration for the delegates of L-20. Domestic and foreign guests visited the world heritage site of Nalanda carrying an umbrella.

After visiting the World Heritage Site of Nalanda, the delegation reached the International Nalanda University. There, a grand welcome was given to the guests under the leadership of In-charge Vice-Chancellor Prof. Abhay Kumar Singh and Registrar Dr. RP Singh Parihar. He was welcomed by garlanding and applying Tilak. Welcoming the representatives of L-20, Vice Chancellor Prof. Singh told about the achievements of Nalanda University. On the occasion, Nalanda University was explained in detail through a documentary film based on the university. After dinner in the Central Dining Hall of the University, the domestic and foreign guests left for Patna.


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