Delhi’s five star hotel was made a home for two years, ate and drank and spent 58 lakhs


New Delhi : The common man of India cannot even think of stepping into any five star hotel in the country. On the other hand, there are some people who make a five-star hotel their abode and after months of eating, drinking and having fun, slowly fade away without paying any money. One such case has come to light in a five-star hotel in Delhi. If media reports are to be believed, a person stayed in a five-star hotel named Rosette House in Delhi for almost two years. He ate and drank a lot and had fun, but when the time came to pay the money, he slowly fainted.

Rosette House Hotel made a home for 603 days

According to media reports, a five-star hotel named Rosette House in Delhi is one of the luxury hotels in the world. This hotel is built in Aerocity of Delhi. A person named Ankush Dutta spent two years in this five-star hotel without any money. It has been said in the report that Ankush Dutta stayed in the Rosette House, a five-star hotel in Delhi’s Aerocity, for about 603 days, but when it came his turn to pay the bill, he secretly fled.

Rs 58 lakh bill made in two years

It is being told in the report that the room in Rosette Hotel where Ankush Dutta used to stay, the bill for that room was only Rs 45 lakh during two years. Apart from this, the bill of Rs 13 lakh was for other types of services along with food and drink. It has been said in the report that Ankush Dutta came to the Rosette House five-star hotel on May 30, 2019 and stayed in this hotel till January 22, 2021, without any money.

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Fraud revealed in hotel audit

It was told in the report that this fraud was detected during the audit and internal investigation conducted by the hotel administration. As soon as this was revealed, the hotel administration lodged a complaint of cheating with the Delhi Police. In the complaint lodged with the police, it has been said that Ankush Dutta, who was staying as a guest in the hotel, was a resident of Assam. The name of Prem Prakash, head of the hotel’s front office department, has also been included in the complaint filed by the hotel administration with the police. IGI Airport Deputy Commissioner of Police Devesh Kumar Mahla told the media that a case has been registered in this matter of cheating and the matter is being investigated.


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