Mahajutan of opposition: AAP will not share stage with Congress! Made these allegations regarding the ordinance?


About 17 opposition parties in Patna appeared on a single platform against the ruling BJP at the center. Bihar Chief Minister and Janata Dal-United leader Nitish Kumar said on Friday that the opposition parties have a meeting in Patna. “nice meeting” Hui and it has been decided to contest the elections together. Kumar, who called a mega meeting of opposition parties, said that another meeting of opposition parties will be held soon. Probably this meeting will be held in Shimla on 10 or 12 July. But Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann did not participate in the joint press conference held after today’s meeting, while the Aam Aadmi Party targeted the Congress.

All parties expressed their stand except Congress- AAP

Except the Congress, all 11 other parties that have representation in the Rajya Sabha have clearly expressed their stand against the Centre’s ordinance on deregulation of services in Delhi, says ‘AAP’ and declared that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said after the opposition meeting in Patna that they would oppose it in the Upper House.

Congress does not publicly condemn “Black Ordinances”: AAP

The party said in its statement that unless the Congress publicly condemns the “black ordinance” and announces that all its 31 Rajya Sabha MPs will oppose the ordinance in the Rajya Sabha, it will be difficult for AAP to attend future meetings. Will happen . Parties with such ideology where Congress is a partner. “A total of 15 like-minded parties are participating in the Patna meeting, out of which 12 have representation in the Rajya Sabha. Except the Indian National Congress, all the other 11 parties, which have representation in the Rajya Sabha, have clearly Expressed his stand against the ordinance and announced that he would oppose it in the Rajya Sabha.

It is difficult to be part of an alliance in which Congress is a part: AAP

The AAP said the Congress, a national party that takes its stand on almost all issues, is yet to make its stand on the black ordinance public and the Delhi and Punjab units of the Congress have announced that the party will support the Modi government. The AAP said that with the Congress refusing to act as a “team player”, particularly on the ordinance issue, “it will be very difficult for the AAP to be part of any coalition in which the Congress is also”. is included”.

Congress’s silence raises doubts on its “real intentions”: AAP

The APP also alleged that the silence of the Congress casts doubt on its “real intentions”. “In personal discussions, senior Congress leaders have indicated that their party may informally or formally abstain from voting on this in the Rajya Sabha. It will help a lot in increasing this. Now the time has come for the Congress to decide whether it is standing with the people of Delhi or with the Modi government.

Rahul Gandhi can be the leader of the opposition?


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