Attention Every month 500 bikes are stolen in Patna, used in crime and liquor delivery


The incidents of bike theft have increased a lot in Patna city and surrounding areas. Thieves are making the bikes disappear in the blink of an eye even in the posh and VIP areas of the city and the police are sending the victim home after registering an FIR. According to police figures, about 500 bikes are being stolen every month in Patna. Compared to the increase in bike theft incidents, the Patna Police is not able to recover even five percent of the stolen bikes. Even if the stolen bike is recovered, either after the arrest of the criminals or from the person who delivered the liquor.

Gandhi Maidan and Jakkanpur

If we talk about station-wise figures, then most of the incidents of bike theft are happening from Jakkanpur and Gandhi Maidan police station areas. During the Disneyland Fair, the terror of bike thieves has increased so much that in a single day thieves have stolen the bikes of six people from the gate of Gandhi Maidan. According to a policeman of the police station, more than 15 bikes have been stolen in the Gandhi Maidan police station area. Talking about the top ten police stations, in the month of June, 22 in Jakkanpur, 21 in Gandhi Maidan, 17 in Shastri Nagar, 17 in Phulwari, 16 in Agamkuan, 13 in Patrakar Nagar, 13 in Pirbahor, 11 in Gardanibagh, 10 in Kankarbagh and Kadamkuan. 10 bikes have been stolen. Talking about the figures for the month of February before this, 27 bikes were stolen in Jakkanpur, 22 in Shastri Nagar, 22 in Phulwari, 20 in Agamkuan, 19 in Patrakar Nagar, 18 in Pirbahor, 18 in Gardanibagh and 17 in Gandhi Maidan.

Arrangement of deployment of plainclothes policemen at black spots failed

It is to be known that every month SSP Rajeev Mishra gives many guidelines in the crime meeting regarding the incidents of bike theft, mobile snatching, chain snatching and house theft. The then SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon also during the crime meeting, with special focus on the incidents of bike theft and snatching, had asked all the Thanedars to mark black spots and deploy policemen in plain clothes, but despite this, thieves were stealing from the gate of Gandhi Maidan in broad daylight. Bikes are stolen.

Criminals use stolen bikes in liquor delivery

If the police are to be believed, the gang of bike thieves break the lock of any bike in just a few minutes and run away. Expensive bikes are sold at very cheap prices. According to senior police officials, stolen bikes are being used in criminal incidents and delivery of liquor. Police sources told that the bike stolen from Patna is being sent to villages in other districts. Most of it is being sent to Raghopur Diyara area of ​​Vaishali.

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Bike theft in the city this year

Jun-456 (till now)







(Source: Bihar Police website)


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