Agra: Women getting long dates for ultrasound, resources falling short for patients in Lady Loyal


Agra: There is a pile of conditions everywhere in the District Women’s Hospital of Agra. The women who come here for their treatment have to face many problems here. Women are being given a date after 15 to 20 days to get ultrasound done. While they are still having problems. On the other hand, in the ward where pregnant women are admitted, there is only one dustbin for the dirt in the ward. And there is no proper seating arrangement for the female patients and all the pregnant women coming to the District Women’s Hospital.

Ultrasound department running on a radiologist

About 300 to 350 prescriptions are made daily for OPD in Agra’s District Women’s Hospital, in which about 100 pregnant women come for ultrasound. Due to shortage of staff in the ultrasound department of Lady Loyal, there is only one radiologist who does ultrasound of about 60 to 70 women in a day. But other women who are left are asked by the doctor of the department to come for ultrasound by giving a date of 15 to 20 days or one month later. In such a situation, women face a lot of trouble.

getting date for ultrasound after 15 days

The women who come for ultrasound say that because of the problem, we come to the hospital for ultrasound. But we are given a date after 15 days or more, now if any problem increases then to whom will we go. A female patient from Shahganj area says that today she came to the hospital for ultrasound but she has been given the date of 6th July. She is suffering a lot but today her ultrasound is not being done.

There is no arrangement for women to sit

There is not enough arrangement for the women coming to the women’s hospital to sit. In such a situation, the patient is forced to sit on the ground. However, two to three attendants come along with a patient in the hospital, due to which the entire hospital is crowded with more attendants than patients. A woman admitted in the PNC ward of the district hospital told that there are about 30 to 40 beds in this ward and at present 20 to 25 women are admitted here. But only one dustbin has been kept in the entire ward whereas there should be a small dustbin near every bed. Being a dustbin, it fills up quickly and due to its filth, children are also at risk of infection.



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