ACC slams Pakistan, PCB’s potential chairman Zaka Ashraf has raised objections to hybrid model of Asia Cup


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) potential president of zaka ashraf has objected to the hybrid model for the Asia Cup 2023 in a press conference. Ashraf is at the forefront of the race to become the next PCB chairman. Pakistan’s apex cricket board has openly rejected the hybrid model which was recently approved by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). While this hybrid model was launched by the current chairman of PCB, Najam Sethi.

Pakistan will host the tournament for the first time since 2008.

Pakistan will host the cricket tournament for the first time since 2008 at its home ground. ACC has given the hosting of Asia Cup 2023 to Pakistan and Sri Lanka on hybrid model. In which four matches will be played in Pakistan and the remaining nine matches will be played in Sri Lanka. The Asia Cup was originally going to be held in Pakistan. But at the end of last year, Secretary Jai Shah from BCCI had clearly said that Team India will not tour the neighboring country. Shah is also the president of ACC.

Asia Cup 2023: Asia Cup will be held without Pakistan! PCB’s potential new chairman rejects ‘hybrid model’

Ashraf said this

Now Ashraf has said, ‘The first point is that I had rejected the hybrid model (for the Asia Cup) in the past. Because I do not agree with this. The board of the Asian Cricket Council had decided that it should be held in Pakistan, then we should do it. We should get to host it. If Ashraf is appointed as the PCB chairman, a clash between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the BCCI is certain.

Ashraf can become the chairman of PCB

Ashraf said that all the main matches (of Pakistan) are being held outside. (Teams like Nepal and Bhutan) are going to play in Pakistan, which is not fair for Pakistan. I do not know what decision the board has taken earlier, I am not aware of it. I will investigate, do whatever is possible in the least possible time, for the good of Pakistan. Ashraf is one of the two candidates named for the PCB’s top post. He was chosen by the first Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Ashraf is free to say whatever he wants

This statement of Ashraf can also jeopardize Pakistan’s participation in the 2023 World Cup to be held in India. Talking to news agency PTI, a member of ACC has given his reaction on Ashraf’s statement. The ACC board member said, ‘The Asia Cup model has been accepted by the ACC and there will be no change in it. Ashraf is free to say whatever he wants.


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