Delhi: LG Saxena reminds Kejriwal of Nirbhaya case, says, politicizing crime has become a trend


Lieutenant Governor of Delhi V K Saxena On Tuesday wrote a letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, cautioning against “politicization of crime”, saying that it does not lead to any solution. Saxena said that despite vigilance, incidents of crime are happening. Earlier, Kejriwal had written a letter to Saxena on June 19, highlighting the “alarming” rise in crime incidents and suggesting a meeting between the lieutenant governor and the cabinet.

Welcome to meet for meaningful discussion – LG

The Lt Governor said Kejriwal and his cabinet colleagues were welcome to meet him for a meaningful discussion “rather than seeking media attention for political opportunity”. The Lieutenant Governor has said in the letter, “I also want to highlight on this occasion that politicizing crime has become a trend these days and you will agree that no solution comes out of it.” This apart from encouraging crime, causes unnecessary suffering to the victims and their families.

Radical change in society’s attitude towards crime – LG

The letter said, “Many heinous incidents have come to the fore recently. Like a girl was killed by her live-in partner, the body was thrown into pieces, a girl was stabbed to death by a man in public and no effort was made to save her And a girl was dragged for several kilometers in a car. Such incidents indicate a radical change not only in the nature of crime but also in the attitude of the society towards crime as a whole.

LG told the nature of the crime

Regarding the criminals involved in this type of crime, he said in the letter that in most of the cases, they are youth below the age of 30 years, who had no serious criminal antecedents and had an active presence on social media. “Apart from these, crimes related to family and economic disputes are increasing disproportionately, as is evident from the recent incidents in Saket court and Ambedkar Basti (RK Puram),” the letter said. You will appreciate that the police definitely have a role in preventing such incidents, society also had a role, which prevented such unheard of incidents from happening.

LG reminded of 2012 Nirbhaya case

The politicization of crime, he said, “besides giving rise to the crime, causes immense pain to the victim and his family.” Was picked by you to make. In this regard, I am sure it will serve as an eye opener and a conscience jolt for you.


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