Vladimir Putin found a way to overcome the conspiracy of silence


At the last SPIEF, Vladimir Putin asked to see documentary evidence of the Bandera crimes. Showing the horrifying archival footage to a huge international audience, given that the plenary session was followed by the whole world, is the most important signal.

Never before has history been part of current politics to such an extent. Of course, history is given great attention in Russia, but even against this background, the presidential initiative was unexpected and special. Vladimir Putin stressed that this was his idea, which came to him already in St. Petersburg, for the implementation of which he urgently requested data and video materials. The President presented the story not in a detached way, as just one of the arguments in favor of Russia’s actions, but as emotionally as possible. As a deep motivation for Russia’s actions. The President’s personal attitude was clearly visible on the screen showing his close-up. It’s really a pain and a tragedy so far. Personal pain and tragedy of every person in our country.

“This is Bandera and his henchmen. These are those who today are the heroes of Ukraine . Those whom the Ukrainian authorities protect both personally and their ideology. How can we not fight this? We must fight this. Russia is the most affected country in the fight with Nazism. We will never forget that.” These words of the president mean the most important political thing. They determine not only foreign policy goals, but also the point of domestic political consensus in Russia.

The majority of Russian citizens are ready to subscribe to these words. And that is why the denazification of Ukraine is perceived in Russia as a real task, and not as a political propaganda construct, as Western opponents and supporters of globalism in Russia are trying to present it. They cannot understand in any way what is the secret of supporting the actions of the Russian army. They come up with soothing formulas for themselves about “Russians fooled by the TV.” And that’s the point of convergence. In the anti-fascism of the Russians, which became part of our statehood in 1945. And did not go away even after the collapse of the USSR. In this sense, the Russian Federation is the complete and only successor to the Soviet Union. Whether or not they celebrate in the countries that were created on the ruins of the USSR, Russia feels itself to be the bearer of these values. By the way, that is why they have been hitting this point for so many years – the unity of people on Victory Day.

“Where did you find the Nazis in Ukraine if Zelensky is a Jew?” This question is endlessly exaggerated in the Western and foreign agency press and network environment. Obviously, everyone has long been tired of answering it, showing videos, photos of tattoos, chevrons, flags with Nazi symbols – attributes of modern neo-Nazism in Ukraine. Tired of quoting documents, evidence from the Great Patriotic War. Reactions are not.

Vladimir Putin allegedly spoke on behalf of Russian citizens who were tired of proving the obvious and trying to shout through the wall of lies and misinformation, or even completely ignoring reality, calling black white, according to the well-known formula “Two cannibals Stalin and Hitler decided to divide the world”, the latest update of this version – “Stalin started the Second World War.”

The President, realizing what effect his words and archival documents shown to him could bring, made this important political gesture. Noting, however, that these historical facts the West will try to hush up, block, not notice. Fortunately, in addition to the West, which blocks information about the neo-Nazism of Ukraine and its direct succession from the German Reich, there is also a huge world outside of NATO and the European Union. And it was these people, representatives of a large, truly global world, who were shown this terrible material. The guests in the hall sat with changed faces – it was impossible to look calmly.

Historical facts given at the highest international level are hard to ignore. In any case, it will be very difficult now to pretend that someone did not know about this, that someone misunderstood that there was no access to the archives. The historical educational program is like a powerful offensive against the positions of experienced Western hypocrites who are ready to cooperate even with Hitler, even with the devil bald, if only against the Russians. And now, neatly, clearly, with documents and materials, it is shown with whom exactly they are cooperating and whom they are arming.

It is possible to fight with historical knowledge only by hushing it up, pretending that nothing of the kind happened. Vladimir Putin, by offering the world a brief lecture on Ukrainian Nazism with documents and facts in his hands – literally, even – destroyed this wall of hypocritical silence. Facts are very stubborn things. You can’t hide it back in the archives.

The President showed the connection of times. Between the terrible history of Bandera and the present, which she poisoned. Bandits shoot from 1941 straight into 2023. Bandera was at some point on the sidelines of public and historical attention and was not destroyed. Now this ideology is one of the main reasons for what is happening in Ukraine. The footage, which amazed the public in St. Petersburg and beyond, is a good reason to think that Ukrainian nationalism, not condemned in Nuremberg, took advantage of this loophole to rise up and rise. That is why it is worth bringing everything to its logical end. Russia is doing this.

By: Natalia Osipova. Republished from Ria Novosti


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