Money dependent Pakistan will sell Karachi port, preparing to hand it over to UAE


Islamabad, 20 June (Hindustan). Pakistan is going through a period of tremendous economic crisis. Money-dependent Pakistan has now made preparations to improve its economic condition by selling Karachi port. Now preparations are being made to hand over the Karachi port to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Pakistan needs a loan from the International Monetary Fund to improve its economic condition. To get this loan, Pakistan will have to clear the old arrears. For this, Pakistan needs to get emergency funds. For this fund, Pakistan has decided to give Karachi port to United Arab Emirates. The Government of Pakistan has also started talks with the Government of UAE in this regard.

Actually, the Government of Pakistan is no longer getting loans from anywhere, that is why it is selling its properties fast. Pakistan fears that if the money is not received on time, it will become a defaulter like Sri Lanka. Earlier, the UAE has made it clear that it will not give any loan to Pakistan until the Shahbaz government hands over any property of the country to it.

In these circumstances, Pakistan has formed a high-level committee, so that Karachi port can be handed over to UAE. Earlier UAE had said that it will give $1 billion to Pakistan so that it can get loan from IMF, but till now it has not released it. Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has appealed to a dozen influential countries to help him get a loan from the International Monetary Fund in a last-ditch effort. Pakistan is seeking $6.5 billion from the International Monetary Fund.


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