G-20 Summit: Representatives of G-20 countries will be exposed to Bihar’s rich history, art-culture and heritage


The representatives of G-20 countries will be better acquainted with the rich history, art-culture and heritage of Bihar. The tourism department will take all the representatives of the G-20 countries visiting Bihar on a tour of Takht Harimandir, Patna Sahib, Bihar Museum, Patna and Nalanda Museum along with the ruins of world heritage site Nalanda University. In the Tourism Department, Abhay Kumar Singh, Secretary, Tourism Department, Government of Bihar organized a review meeting with all the departmental officers and issued guidelines.

Material related to important sites will be made available to all delegates

In the meeting, Tourism Secretary Abhay Kumar Singh said that the tourism department will ensure that all the representatives of G-20 countries take the memories of the better image of the state while visiting the tourist places of Bihar. Writing material related to all the important places of Bihar tourism, from the reception point of Patna airport to all the hotels and Gyan Bhawan for accommodation, will be made available to all the delegates.

Will go to Patna Sahib by bus

It was informed in the meeting that on the evening of June 21, all the G-20 delegates would be taken on a tour of the Bihar Museum. After this, in the morning of June 23, all the representatives will be taken for a tour of Takht Harimandir Patna Sahib by bus service of Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation. The next day a tour of the ruins of the ancient Nalanda University and the Nalanda Museum, a world heritage site, will also be taken.

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Multilingual tourist guides will be available

It was told in the meeting that skilled multilingual tourist guides recognized by the tourism department will be available at all the tourist places decided by the representatives of G-20 countries. Two multilingual tourist guides will be available on all buses between tours of Nalanda Museum, Nalanda, Bihar Museum, Patna and Takht Shri Harimandir Ji, Patna Sahib along with the ruins of the World Heritage Site Nalanda University. He will also acquaint all the delegates with the common and multifaceted culture of Bihar during the visit. Tourist guides posted at all the sightseeing places will inform the G-20 representatives about Bihar’s rich history, art-culture and heritage.

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