Special preparation of roadways for Mathura’s famous Mudiya Purnima fair, 300 additional buses for devotees


Agra. Agra Roadways has completed preparations for Mudia Purnima fair. Uttar Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (Roadways) is operating about 300 additional buses for Agra-Mathura during the fair to be held from June 27 to July 4. 1200 buses have been installed for the fair in Uttar Pradesh. Counseling has also been done for the drivers and operators of roadways to behave well with the passengers. The duty of officers has also been imposed on the routes run by 300 buses by the roadways. Pamphlets of related guidelines have also been given to the driver-operator.

Arrangements are being made by dividing Mathura into 6 sectors

Brahm Prakash Aggarwal, regional manager of Transport Corporation Agra, said that 300 buses have been arranged for the Mudia Purnima fair. Mathura is divided into 6 sectors. From parking to check post and other arrangements have been made. From where all these buses will operate. Most of the devotees come by rail during the fair. In such a situation, the time table of the buses has been fixed according to the timings of the railways. Describing the route of the buses, he said that the routes for all the buses have been fixed for Mathura, Adig, Govardhan. In return, the bus will ply via Govardhan, Saunkh and Mathura.

Maximum crowd from 1 to 4 July

The maximum crowd in the fair which runs from 27th July to 4th July remains from 1st to 4th July. In such a situation, the drivers and conductors have been advised to behave well with the passengers after counselling. Some pamphlets have also been printed in which the guidelines given to the driver-operators are mentioned. Along with the officers whose duty has been imposed. Mobile numbers have also been mentioned to contact them in case of emergency.


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