Shot the child instead of wages! Police was also surprised to see the bullying of former ward councillor, know the whole story


A shocking case has come to the fore in Nalanda, Bihar. It is being told that on Monday morning, the local former ward councilor opened fire on a family that had gone to ask for wages. In this incident, a three-year-old child was shot in the leg. Whereas, three other family members were injured in the fight. The names of the injured are being told as Arbhi Kumar (3), Janki Devi, Sunaina Devi and Anil Kumar. The case took place at Garhpar Dekuli Ghat in Bihar police station area. After getting the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and admitted the injured to Sadar Hospital for treatment.

The victim used to give fodder to cattle

The victim Santosh Ram told that he used to provide fodder to the cattle at the house of the accused former ward councilor Diwakar Singh. His salary was due for many months, whenever he demanded money, the accused used to avoid saying that he would give it later. On Monday morning he went to ask for money along with his family and brother Anil. On asking for money, the accused got angry and opened fire. That bullet hit Santosh Ram’s three-year-old son Arbhi Kumar. After this, the people accompanying him thrashed the entire family with sticks. Also, the victim’s house was locked. After the incident, people hurriedly took the child to the hospital.

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Police is investigating the matter: DSP

Giving information about the incident, Sadar DSP Dr. Shivli Nomani said that there was information about firing on demanding wages. Four people have been injured in the incident. The police has started investigating the whole matter. Although the police say that 4 people were injured in the fight, not the bullet. All the injured have been admitted to Sadar Hospital for treatment.



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