Monsoon 2023: The Meteorological Department has given great news, know from when the monsoon will rain in Bihar…


Monsoon 2023: There is a relief news for the people of Bihar who have been facing record breaking heat wave for 21 consecutive days. In fact, in a very limited area of ​​East Bihar, the monsoon, which was inactive for six days, has become active again from Monday. Monsoon has advanced a bit. IMD predicts that in the next 72 hours the monsoon will cover most parts of Bihar.

The conditions are becoming increasingly strong to advance the monsoon. The most important thing is that Purvaiya is expected to become more powerful from Tuesday. On the other hand, there was a severe heatwave at 15 places in Bihar on Monday. Most of the areas in this are from South and Central Bihar.

Heavy rain in Kishanganj

In the last 24 hours, 34.1 mm of rain has been recorded in three districts of Bihar, such as Araria, 40.5 in Kishanganj and 14.7 mm in Purnia. Strong wind has also blown in these districts. Thakurganj, Taibpur, Tedhagach in Kishanganj district have received more than 50 mm of rain. Heavy rain has been recorded in Thakurganj. Apart from this, Farbisganj and Jokihat in Araria district have also received about 50 mm of rain. The rainy season continues in these districts. Apart from this, 5.7 mm of rain has been received in Banka, 3.2 in Gopalganj and 3.9 mm in Katihar. At present, due to the activities of the thunder storm, there has been some decrease in the temperature of the state. Especially in many areas of North Bihar, there was no heat wave on Monday. South and Central Bihar are also expected to be free from heat wave in the next three-four days.

Mercury reached near 45 in Aurangabad

Severe heatwave prevailed in the southern region of Bihar, western and central Bihar on Monday as well. Here the highest temperature was recorded five to nine degrees Celsius above normal. The highest temperature of 44.7 degree Celsius in Bihar has been recorded in Aurangabad.

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Heat wave conditions in Bihar

Location – recorded temperature – higher than normal

Aurangabad- 44.7- 8.1

Dehri- 44.6- 6.7

Bhojpur – 44.1 -7.9


Gaya- 43.7-6.1

Patna- 43.2 -6.5



Nawada-42.7- 7.3


Jiradei – 42-6.1


Valmikinagar – 41.2 -5.8


Dandy-40.4- 5.8

(Temperature in °C)



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