Heat wave wreaks havoc in Jharkhand, 8 died due to heat within three days, Meteorological Department told when will it rain


Death due to heat wave: There is severe heat in Jharkhand, which has become fatal. The mercury in all the districts of the state is more or less above 40 degrees. In some districts including Palamu, Dhanbad, East Singhbhum, the mercury has reached close to 45. The mercury in the capital Ranchi remained above 40 degrees for the fourth consecutive day. This scorching heat killed at least 8 people across the state in 3 days.

Death due to heat in Jharkhand

A 45-year-old woman living in the Sadar police station area died due to heat stroke in the capital Ranchi on Sunday. A day before this, on Saturday, 4 people including police line personnel died due to heat stroke in Dhanbad. On Saturday itself, a person died due to heat stroke in Palamu during treatment in the hospital. Apart from this, 2 people died in Deoghar-Dumka on Friday. The first case is of Asanbani of Ranishwar block of Dumka. On the other hand, the second case is of Madhupur in Deoghar. Apart from this, there is also information about people fainting at various places and increasing number of patients in the hospital due to heatstroke.

4 deaths due to heat wave in Dhanbad

Saturday, June 17 was the hottest day of this season so far. The maximum temperature here was recorded at 44 degrees on Saturday. People were suffering due to strong sunlight and heat stroke. The situation became such that four people died due to heatstroke in Tundi, Dhanbad and Nirsa, while in some areas including the urban area of ​​Dhanbad people were reported to have fainted. Constable Rambul Kumar posted in the police line is also included in the voters. After finishing his duty at 4 o’clock on Saturday evening, while returning to his house located in the police line, he fell down after gush. Colleagues took him to a private hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. It was suspected that he might have died due to heatstroke. Rambul Kumar was a resident of Munger in Bihar.

One died due to heat stroke in Palamu

On Saturday, a person died due to heat stroke in Palamu during treatment in the hospital. The case pertains to Abadganj of Medininagar, the name of the deceased was Jugul Ram (50). Jugul Ram’s health deteriorated on Saturday, high fever and vomiting started, after the condition worsened, the relatives admitted him to MRMCH on Saturday evening, where he died during treatment. The doctor treating in the hospital has expressed the possibility of death of the patient due to heatstroke.

Heat wave wreaks havoc in Deoghar-Dumka as well

This scorching heat wreaked havoc in Deoghar-Dumka, due to which two people died. The first case is of Asanbani in Ranishwar block of Dumka, where a 65-year-old man died on Friday in Asanbani due to severe heat and heatstroke. On the other hand, the second case is of Madhupur of Dovghar. In Madhupur, a 40-year-old youth was found unconscious on Friday in the station road of the city. With the help of police and nearby people, he was sent to Madhupur sub-divisional hospital for treatment, where the young man died during treatment.

For the fourth consecutive day, mercury crossed 40 degrees in Ranchi.

Munni Devi, a resident of Gatilkocha under Sadar police station area, died due to heat stroke in the capital on Sunday. On the complaint of the deceased woman’s brother Dinesh Tirkey regarding the incident, the police of Sadar police station have registered a case of unnatural death. Dinesh has told the police that Munni Devi used to pick and sell junk.

Monsoon will reach Jharkhand in two-three days

However, amidst these sad news, the Meteorological Department has also given a good news. According to the Meteorological Center, there are signs of monsoon coming in Jharkhand. Monsoon may reach Jharkhand in two-three days via Santal. After this people can get relief from the scorching heat. The Meteorological Center has predicted that from June 20, there may be wind and rain in many parts of the state. Along with this, the wind speed can also be 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. Due to rain and wind, the maximum temperature may drop by three to four degrees Celsius.

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