Saturday was the hottest day of the season in Patna, mercury reached 44.7, power consumption also broke the record


Saturday was the hottest day of the season in Patna and the temperature in the city reached 44.7 degree Celsius. As soon as 9 o’clock in the morning, the sun became very hot and after 11 o’clock in the afternoon, heat wave also started. People were troubled by this throughout the afternoon and the movement of people to and from the city also showed little less as compared to other days. Those selling goods in the open or on carts looked very upset during this period. Most of them were seen selling things by standing their handcart under a flyover or in some other shady place. The number of customers also looked very less as compared to other days. Not only humans, animals also looked miserable due to the heat wave.

The mercury crossed 44 degrees for the third time

This was the third day in the current season, when the temperature in the city crossed 44 degree Celsius. For the first time on June 8, the mercury reached 44 degree Celsius. It reached 44.4 degree Celsius on June 9 and reached 44.7 degree on Saturday afternoon.

Patna was the third hottest place in the state

In terms of maximum temperature, Patna stood third in the state on Saturday. Sheikhpura (44.4 degree) and Aurangabad (44.4 degree) occupied the first two positions respectively.

7093 for the first time in Bihar, then 775 MW of electricity was consumed in Patna

In the midst of the scorching heat, the demand for electricity is also constantly breaking records. On Saturday, for the first time in the history of Bihar, a demand of more than seven thousand MW electricity was registered. The consumption of 7093 MW was recorded in the state at 8:31 pm, which is a record. Earlier on June 9, 2023, 6983 MW power was consumed in the state. At the same time, for the first time in Patna city, 775 MW power was consumed on Saturday. This figure is at two o’clock in the afternoon. A day before this, on June 16, 745 MW of electricity was consumed in the city.

Heat wave will continue in Bihar even today, Monsoon will gain momentum from this day, know what the Meteorological Department says…

CMD of Bihar State Power Holding Company Sanjeev Hans said that this record achievement was achieved due to the extraordinary work done in the energy sector during the last years. Urja family is constantly striving for uninterrupted and quality power supply to the electricity consumers of the state.

Peak demand was only 700 MW in 2005

According to the power company, the peak demand of Bihar was only 700 MW in 2005, which has increased more than 10 times in the last 18 years. In 2012, the peak demand of Bihar had reached 1802 MW. Last year in June, the maximum peak demand of 6627 MW was recorded on 15th.


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