Jeeva Murder: Big disclosure in Jeeva murder case, shooter Vijay was given dress and revolver by an unknown person at the bus stand


Lucknow. Vijay, the shooter who riddled the infamous Sanjeev Jeeva with bullets in Lucknow court premises, capital of UP, has made a big disclosure in the interrogation of SIT and Vivechak. Shooter Vijay Yadav has told that he had landed at the Kaiserbagh bus stand. He wore a lawyer’s dress right there in the toilet. It was here that he was given a revolver. When the police team conducted a ground inspection regarding the accused shooter Vijay, he accepted this. This has also been confirmed in matching with the CCTV footage of the bus stand. Let us tell you that on June 7, Jeeva, who came to appear in the Lucknow court premises, was shot dead. Vijay, the shooter who shot on the spot after the incident, was caught with the help of police and lawyers.

Shooter Vijay kept repeating the old statement for three days

The Wazirganj police had taken Vijay on remand from jail at 11 am on June 15. In three days, nothing special was told except getting down at the bus stand, meeting a man, wearing a dress in the toilet, taking revenge from his brother Ashraf to kill Jeeva in Kathmandu to avenge the jailed Atif. He kept repeating the old statement for three days. He could not tell who sent Aslam to him and who was the mastermind of the murder.

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Investigation will be done under the supervision of SIT

The investigation of the Sanjeev Jeeva murder case will be under the supervision of the SIT constituted under the chairmanship of ADG Mohit Aggarwal. Till now this discussion was going on under the supervision of JCP Law and Order Upendra Aggarwal of Lucknow Commissionerate Police. The time limit of SIT has been extended by seven more days. Earlier, the SIT was asked to submit the investigation report in seven days. But now the SIT has to monitor along with the investigation. That’s why its deadline has been extended.



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