Gaya: BEO’s dead body found in a closed room under suspicious circumstances, a rope was tied around his feet


Patna. Body of BEO has been recovered from a closed room in Gaya. On Sunday morning, the dead body of Imamganj block’s education officer Ramsevak Ram was found in suspicious condition. The body was found in a locked room. A rope was tied around the legs of the dead body lying under the bed and blood was oozing from the ears and nose. What is the cause of death, it has not been clear yet, although the police who reached the spot have started investigating the matter by taking possession of the dead body. Police say that it is not possible to tell the cause of death before the post mortem report comes. It will be revealed after the report comes.

Ram Sevak Ram was a resident of Madhubani.

Originally education officer Ram Sevak Ram, a resident of Fuhri village of Rahika-Kakraul police station area of ​​Madhubani district, was working as block education officer in Imamganj block area for about 3 years. On Sunday morning, his dead body was found in suspicious condition in the rented house of Anil Singh located in Imamganj market. In fact, since early Sunday morning, the relatives of Ram Sevak Ram were calling on his mobile, but he was not receiving the call. After this, the relatives informed the teachers of the block. On getting the information, when the local people reached his room, the matter came to light.

blood was flowing from the mouth and nose

Locals told that there was no response on knocking on the door of the first room. After this, its information was given to the Imamganj police. When the door of the room was broken, Ram Sevak Ram was lying down from the bed. There was profuse bleeding from his mouth and nose. A rope was tied to his leg. Along with this, traces of blood stains were visible at many places in the hand as well. The police, who reached the information of the incident, took the dead body into custody and started taking further action while probing the matter.


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