Body of missing youth found in Purnia for 10 days, face burnt with chemical


Purnia. The dead body of a missing youth has been found in Purnia for the last 10 days. The dead body of the youth was found near an under construction house. The incident took place near Rizwan Masjid of Assistant Treasurer Police Station area. After the dead body was found, sensation has spread among the people of the area. The dead body of the missing youth has been found on Sunday in the corridor built between two houses. The young man has been murdered very badly. Seeing the dead body, it is known that after killing the young man’s face has been burnt by putting chemical.

was addicted

In relation to the incident, it is being told that 24-year-old Ronnie, who lives near the Iqbal Mosque in Madhopara, had a bad drug addiction. The family gave him money many times to start his business, but he wasted that money too by getting in the company of wrong people. Last 10 days ago, the family members had given him money for the wholesale business of bananas, but since then Ronnie had mysteriously gone missing.

Relatives identified the dead body

Despite a lot of research, he could not be found anywhere, nor could anyone talk to him. The relatives informed the police about this. In the meantime, the police got the news of finding someone’s dead body from the house under construction. The face of the dead body was burnt by pouring chemical. When the police called the family members and got the body identified, it turned out to be Ronnie’s body. After this, there was uproar among the family members. The police have taken the body into custody and sent it for postmortem and have started investigating the matter.


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